Buying Our First Office



We’re 5 sisters and we officially launched in February of 2017 after patenting and producing our first product, an edge brush with a spatula for scooping edge control, in 2016. Our first year we sold out all 5,000 of our brushes and we were thankful to reach our goal but the next year we started to decline but that didn't stop us. We went into 2019 as hopefully as ever, and it started rocky until we released our Extreme holding edge control(You have to try it for yourself, as of July 2020 we give free samples with brush purchases). After word got out about our edge control things took off and we begin to run out of space that we never had to begin with. We were taking up a little corner in our mother's living room since our launch date.(She was ready for us to go lol. We love you, Mommy.) At the beginning of 2020, we started shopping for our new office and June 2020 our new office arrived! We documented the process and we have it on the link above. We think you will be moved by the emotion and excitment we shared in the video. Also, we be releasing a follow-up video to show how we decided to decorate our new office.


We want to thank every supporter who has purchased, reviewed, commented, shared, and sent words of encouragement! 



 Order your Brush today and receive a free sample of the edge balm.




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  • I placed an order months ago and still have not received my package? I tried sending an email a month ago and haven’t heard back from any one.

    Sharo Jones
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