5 Reasons why the Ever’s Edge Brush is the last brush that you will EVER need



1. Our edge brush has a built in spatula that serves as a scooper so that you don’t have to get edge control under your fingernails. 

Its as easy as...


2. LAY 


First you dip the spatula end of our edge brush inside our Ever’s edge control/balm (we use the two names interchangly) then you scoop up a small amount of edge control onto the brush. Then you lay it on your edges and style it to your desire.  Do little swoops or big swoops or even no swoops at all. It’s up to you.


2. Its an Edge Brush made with all hair types in mind but especially 4c Hair.

We’ve created an edge brush and formulated an edge control for women who have had the same hair problems that we’ve had. And that is finding an edge brush and edge control that lays down 4C hair. Yes, you’ve read it right we’ve formulated an edge control that lays down 4C hair and keeps it down for up to 48 hours. And we believe so much in our product that we will send our edge control sample for Free with every purchase of one of our brushes so that you can test our edge control out for yourself. 

Buy our brush now on Hairisforever.com or Amazon and receive your brush within a 3 to 5 Business days.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Evers-Last-Touch-Edge-Brush/dp/B07FB9QCTZ


3. The bristles of our Edge Brush aren’t too hard and aren’t too soft. 

If you’ve ever had to deal with brushes that hurt while you brush the most senstive part of your edges then please keep reading. We understand that so many women deal with the lost of edges and hair lost all together. There are many reasons that women suffer from hair lost, but we believe that brush bristles have played a major part in damaging the hair folices of many women. And thats we created a solution for us all. An Edge brush that has bristles that limit the damage to hair while still laying it down. 


4. Our built-in rubber grip that makes our brush non-slip. 

We were tired of brushes slipping out of our hand during the hair styling experience so we created a grip that allowed ourselves and our users to keep the best grip throughout the entire hair styling process. Especially for hair stylists who are dealing with multiple products at once that make their hands and fingers slippery. 

5. Durability. We’ve made our brush with top-notch quality so it will withstand falls, and natural wear and tear that happens over time.

Has your hair ever broken a comb or brush? Or have you simply been rough with a brush that was too fragile? We kept that in mind while designing our Ever’s Edge brush. We created a durable brush that can withstand the test of time. We have customers that are still using their Ever’s edge brush that they brought in 2017 and 2018 with us this year in 2020.



One last thing:

We offer our Ever’s Edge Brush and balm along with our Ever’s pouch so that you can take the brush with you withever you go with ease, and also our microfiber headband so that you can keep your edge styles lasting longer. 




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  • Tatianna Anderson

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    Gelonne Harris

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